Wireless TX Remote

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Wireless TX remote compatible with Gloworm wireless X-series lights (2018 onwards).

The revolutionary new Gloworm Wireless TX remote to control your wireless-capable Gloworm X2, X2 Adventure, XS or XSV (2018 onwards). This is a factory replacement for those that have lost or damaged their current remote. Super simple to pair with your wireless Gloworm light and features a crisp positive click, great for when being used with gloves.

The TX can control one light or multiple lights in any combination. The TX has 2 buttons, A and B – In the most basic setup, one light is paired to one button, either A or B.

Multiple lights can be paired to the same button at the same time, resulting in lights operating simultaneously. Alternatively, buttons A and B can be paired to different lights, providing independent control of each light.


1 x Wireless TX Remote

1 x CR2032 Battery

1 x Integrated bar O-Ring