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Super plush, ground hugging and delivering incredible traction are some of the characteristics of a well-tuned coil shock. But many riders are never using anywhere near the full potential of their damper due to the difficulties in setting up a coil shock vs air. The Travel and Sag indicator is a suspension tuning tool to allow you to monitor your travel use while riding and for setting your sag accurately on your coil shock, using an external shaft with 'O" ring to indicate the millimetres of shock stroke used while riding.
With our handy online calculators you can quickly work out the amount of sag you are using and calculate your desired sag percentage.
With this information you can accurately determine if you have the correct setup, whether you need to adjust your damping, or should move to a heavier or lighter spring.
The V.2 Travel & Sag Indicator is now available, with a new fitment design. The Indicator attaches at the top and bottom of the coil spring - allowing compatibility with all coil shocks, including Inline and non-standard piggy back shocks such as Cane Creek, Ohlins, Push Industries, DVO and more.

The INDICATOR is mounted on the side and with the use of the scale, you can easily read off how much suspension travel was used while riding.
Ideal for the suspension "setup", to determine the correct spring stiffness, sag and spring preload.
It is a tuning tool to find out if the spring rate is correct and how the compression / damping is set.
To optimise your setup for racing or for your new coil sprung bike.

Calculate your SAG and Spring values using the Reverse Components calculator below: